My Favorite Travel Apps

When I first hit the road in 2008, I relied on a paper map which didn't always take me to the safest places.  I have some great stories as a result, but now it's so much easier to find places and get directions with your iPhone.  I've been asked what my favorite apps are so I thought I would put together a few of them and share with you.  All of these apps are just my personal favorites and I am not affiliated with any of these companies.  Click on the name to learn more.


My all time favorite.  I love to see what other road warriors are up to and for me, it's like an inspiration pin board that's always changing.


This is my go to app for camping.  When I am tired of driving and want to know where to camp, I pull this out to see where the closest camp is, how much it is, what it looks like, reviews, etc. I have found many free campsites on here as well.


It's my favorite photo editing software for my iPhone photos. It takes a drab image and makes it sparkle!  There are several palates to choose from that will suit your style.


A fun way to put several photos together.  Here's Max enjoying the off leash experience in Utah.  I took the images with my iPhone and uploaded them to the Diptic app.


I'm spending how much on gas?  If you want to see where you're spending your money, view bills coming up, and budget your adventure, Mint can do that for you.  


How do I get the shots when I am so far away?  Here's my secret... I use the GoPro app on my phone so I can set up my camera, walk far away and see where I am in the shot.  Mystery solved!


The best way to send a personal postcard all from your phone!  Snap a photo with your iPhone, load it on to the app, put in an address and just like that, you sent a postcard.  Everyone loves getting postcards and it's even more special since you can pop the image out and pin it on your wall or fridge at home.  Parents and grandparents will appreciate you thinking of them on your trip.


I have only scratched the surface on this app, but what I've seen so far, I like.  Here's a time-lapse I took of Max in the back of Campy as we drive through Joshua Tree.


Here's a fun way to create double exposures with your images.   This image was taken on Valentine's Day.  This couple came together and looked at the ocean but at different times.  I photographed them individually and put them together as if they were enjoying the view together.


When I am not in the middle of nowhere, I enjoy going to the movies.  This app tells you what is playing near you, wherever you are.

Roadside America

Where is that big ball of string or the giant picnic basket?  You can find fun and interesting attractions that are nearby from this app.

Reserve America

There are times where you can't just show up and get a campsite. Some places are known to sell out fast so you might want to see what is available (or not) before you head out.


I took most of my music off of my phone so I can take more photos.  Pandora is a must for me when I am driving all day.  There is a monthly fee to use the service.


Sometimes I don't want to crop an image to a square for Instagram and InstaSize comes in handy for that.  It will post your full image photos without needing to crop.

There you have it.  Some of my go to apps when I am on the road.  What are your favorites?